Friday, 8 September 2017

#Unknotted #Leadership ; Case Study : Leadership Pipeline Development

Case Study : :Leadership Pipeline Development 

Automotive Sector

Business Need / Challenge –  Building Leadership Pipeline

To build a leadership pipeline for Senior Management roles using assessment centres as a qualifying tool for evaluating individuals, identifying gaps and creating IDP to address those gaps.

Our Approach
  1. The methodology was to identify key competencies required at each level of leadership and assess those competencies using multiple tools and assessors.
  2. The assessment tools were designed in a way that they address various competencies and levels at which they are expected to be demonstrated by the individuals.
  3. To seek multidimensional view, insights were assimilated from various stakeholders who engage with the individuals.
  4. A rigorous assessment was carried out to evaluate the individuals who are identified as successors or potential individuals for various roles.
  5. Taking into account the response from various stakeholders and results of the assessment centre final individuals report was designed stating positives, development needs and action plans which can help them bridge the gaps to become more relevant for the leadership role. 
  6. Development interventions planned and executed and re calibration done including coaching interventions to ensure that the leadership pipeline agenda was kept in focus both at personal level and organisational level

How we generated value?
  • 1)      The analysis of the assessment was then being used to derive a 9-box grid and according to the placement of the individuals and their readiness to take up new roles were identified.
  • 2)      Leadership Development became more targeted, specific and sensitive to the present and future needs.
  • 3)      Actual movement of people in leadership roles took place and demonstrated change in both leadership styles, outcomes and behaviour for targeted individuals 

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