Thursday, 7 September 2017

#UnKnotted #Synergy : Case Study - Productivity and HR Operating Model

Case Study - Productivity and HR Operating Model 

Industry : Engineering and Manufacturing 

Business Need / Challenge 

  • ·         Due to role ambiguities and redundancies, workforce productivity was getting hampered
  • ·         Business heads expectations from the HR department was to be more business savvy and proactive
  • ·         Significant amount of time was being spent on non core activities
  • ·         Main objective was to transform the HR Department to partner with the business function in achieving goal of doubling the revenues in 3 years
Our Approach ?

  1. ·         We carried out Time Activity analysis, measured Key Productivity Metrics and performed Operating Expenses analysis to estimate how value can be generated optimally.
  2. ·         We redefined HR processes such as career path planning which was backed by automated technology support, the retention policy and designed a corporate induction program
  3. ·         We identified key capabilities and built an operating model incorporating the key competencies required for each of the roles
  4. ·         We conducted a responsibility accountability mapping in order to reduce redundancies and ambiguities in employee roles
  5. ·         We recommended increasing the outsourced service components in order to reduce the time spent on non core activities.
How we generated value? 

  • ·         Recommended Year-By-Year (3 years) transition to achieve industry benchmarks for various Productivity Metrics
  • ·         Analysed all operating expenses, carried out studies to look for best outsourcing partners providing similar quality service at lower cost
  • ·         Identified role ambiguities and overlaps to resolve dissonance in present structure with new HR operating model
Below is the proposed operating model for HR department –

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